Go-To-Market Strategy

Our team of Go Local experts around the world identifies the key market success opportunities that you wish to investigate or conquer.

1. Customer Analysis

We identify your target customers in your key regions, we help you understand their behavior and we indicate how your products or services meet the local consumers’ needs.

2. Competitor Analysis

We scan through your target market to assess your organization’s position in that market and recommend market entry strategies.

3. Analysis of Market Opportunity

We use a SWOT Analysis to assess your organization’s position before entering a new market and deciding on the go-to-market strategy.

4. Surveys

We build strong marketing surveys for your target audiences, so you can get relevant information, data and insights about your target groups, that you can readily act on.

What sets PULSOLINE apart


We have a team of Go Local specialists throughout the world, experts in local eCommerce markets in the regions with the most potential. We can gather valuable information and act quickly on the markets you wish to investigate.


We use design to help you visualize the data in the best possible way, facilitating your decision-making process around the information collected.


We define goals and KPIs together in order to gather information in a strategic way, always aligning the activities with your specifications.